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"Flummoxed" - out NOW via WUMP Collective! Happy Halloween!

Let the darkness consume you. I've always been a huge fan of dubstep, and bass music of all kinds, for that matter; in my experience, the darker, the better. So I went there. Darker drums, darker wobbles, darker sounds. Use this to scare your mom and summon Satan on this wonderful All Hallows'…

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"Gold Pack" - out NOW via Lush Selects!

It's been too long since I've deviated from my usual power tool-sounding synths and created a chill, melodic beat. My family at Lush Selects, who I've always known to hold down the truly lush side of the electronic music world, are ever so graciously releasing my new tune, "Gold Pack", for free, on …

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B.R.E.E.D - Feels (Boltcutter Remix) - OUT NOW via Lush Selects!

My first release of 2017 is finally here! My remix of B.R.E.E.D's "Feels" is out NOW for free, alongside remixes from Cy Kosis, Frank Royal, and Naisu.

Stream and download this aggressive, distortion-ridden remix here.

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"Finding My Place" - OUT NOW via WUMP Collective!

New tuneage! I really experimented and pushed myself to do something different with this one. Something out of left field, per se. Add this to your upcoming Halloween playlist and set the mood right!

Grab the whole compilation here for free:…

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"1962" - OUT NOW via WUMP Collective!

80s synth. Post rock. Filthy wobble bass. 808s. Drumstep beats.

These things don't have anything in common, so what did I do? I smashed them all together into a song and made them play nice. Enjoy!



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"Missin' You (Boltcutter Remix) - OUT NOW via 9G Records!

My final release of 2015 is now officially live! This tune has been sitting in a musical purgatory for almost two years, and due to 9G Records cleaning house in January, they are releasing a two-part compilation. As the label that released my first EP way back in 2012, I want to take this opportunit…

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"Whitfield & Seaside" - OUT NOW via Lush Selects!

Check out this cool little beat I made that has been featured on Lush Selects' 002 compilation! Pick it up as a name-your-price download here.


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"Yes Man Junior" - OUT NOW via Wump Collective!

This one's for my fellow bassheads! I chopped up some Earthbound samples (by the suggestion of my buddy NeoDarkraiTV) and gave this awesome game a darker, grittier feel. Grab a free copy via WUMP Collective by clicking here!

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"Isuga" mashup EP - out now FOR FREE!

For the last year or so, I have been performing a few live mashups at shows. After a few requests, I have made them publicly available for download! Bump them in your car, use them as DJ tools, upload them to Russian torrent websites, I don't care. Enjoy!

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Boltcutter & Trip V - WUMP Collective Mix

To follow up our release earlier this month, my friend Trip V and I have recorded a one hour mix exlusively for WUMP Collective! The first 30 minutes is my half of the mix, featuring tracks from Oscillator Z, Sadhu, Emperor, and more. Check it out:

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"Long Way Home" w/Trip V - out now via WUMP Collective!

More music is here! My collaboration with Trip V is available for FREE via WUMP Collective! Share it with your friends! Tell your mom!


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"Colorblind" - free download via Lush Selects!

I am ecstatic to announce the release of my first tune of 2015, "Colorblind", for free! Big thanks to Lush Selects for the distribution!

Download it here.

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New music coming soon!

Greetings, all.

The first Boltcutter release of 2015 is coming very very soon (like, this month soon), so sit tight!

Hint: this release may or may not involve my friends at Lush Selects...

Stay locked.

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"NIGHT TERRORS" EP - free download!

My next installment in free EPs is now live! The "Night Terrors" EP is available to stream and download on SoundCloud, and as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.


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"Party Fuel" & "Say What (Boltcutter Remix)"

More free music incoming! In honor of my 19th birthday today, my track "Party Fuel" and my remix of Sadhu's "Say What" (which was one of the winners of the remix competition held for it) are now out for free!

I've had Party Fuel finished for over a year; I remember debuting it when I opened for Zed…

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"Stumbling" + remixes

My brand new dubstep track, "Stumbling", is out now for a name-your-price download on Bandcamp!

Featuring remixes from Nama Mirai and Jadel.

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LACX - "Fuego" compilation

As you may know already, my buddy Help7 and I released a track called "Blitz Attack" on a free compilation put out by Los Angeles based label LACX in December 2012. I am happy to announce that another original track of mine, titled "Dutch Vanilla", will be featured on the label's upcoming (free!) co…

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Skrillex - Fire Away (Boltcutter's Quick Flip) // free download

More free music!

After hearing the tracks on Skrillex's new album, RecessI couldn't resist the urge to take one of them and turn it on its head.


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Alt-J - Tessellate (Boltcutter Remix) // free download

I went and put my own spin on an extremely unique song by British band Alt-J. Free download for the win!

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Boltcutter - Japanese Boombox

Here's my last release of 2013, for free! Enjoy.

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